Photography: Diego Indraccolo
Make up: Dorita Nissan / Sponsored by Tromborg / Assisted by Nomiko Takemiya
Hair: Takeshi Katoh using Bumble and Bumble / Assisted by Atsushi Takita
Set Design: Eoin Dillon

Download Lookbook Download the high resolution Dazzle lookbook

Norman Wilkinson

The collection is based on Norman Wilkinson’s dazzle painting technique which was used on WW1 battleships. Dazzle was employed to distort the ship’s silhouette, direction and speed to confuse and disrupt the german torpedo technology.

In the shapes of the new collection, the eagle eyed will see the inspiration Jacqueline has taken from her most constant style icon – ‘Beverley’ from the 1970’s Mike Leigh play Abigail’s Party. At the age of 14, Jacqueline’s mother sat her down to watch Alison Steadman in her most iconic role, and Jacqueline knew she had found her muse.

Not one to do things by the book Jacqueline has handpicked 12 amazing women to model the Dazzle collection. They are all forward thinking singers, dancers, artists, designers, stylists… Iconic beautiful presences on the London scene, as well as entrepreneurs and firebrands every one of them.

Jacqueline has collaborated on Dazzle with several of her favourite cohorts…so expect to see knitwear by Lindsay McKean, printed tights by Yes Natalie and Jacqueline’s own range of spirograph accessories.


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